How to Obtain Thing IP Address?

This guide will provide a small guidance on how to obtain the IP address of an active SIM card

To get the IP address of active thing, please use following request:

curl -X GET "<<<_THING_ICCID_>>>/" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <<<_TOKEN_HERE_>>>"

Please note that the above shown command needs to be replaced with information: <<<_THING_ICCID_>>> - replace with your Monogoto thing ICCID number <<<_TOKEN_HERE_>>> - replace with your token. You may obtain Token, by running Login Token API command.

If needed this API can be tested and used in the Monogoto portal following this path: Thing GET /thing/{ThingId}/

Example of request:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJhb6IkpXVCJ9.eyJSb2xlIjoiVXN4lclByb2ZpbGVJZF9kZGM2MThhNC0wNTI1LTQ2MmUtYWN3NzhhMGQxYmbSI6Im4zgFkbWluIiwiQ3VzdG9tsbCwiVXNlcklkIjoiVklkXzg5Yj5Y2OGEyUtNDQThhLTEzZjA0MzJhZDE3YyINTAzgZmUtZGI51My00ZjRiLTktN2U5Yjc0ZWU1ZThlIiwiaWNzM3MjI5L2MDY3NTE2Mjl9.99aSLzP7kTgK6TZGW-xalrMu0GkW6viunt3XxbNng"

Example of response to our request showing the thing IP part:

"IPs": [
"IP": "",
"IPPoolId": "IPPoolId_32bcc109-6ea5-4c51-86f6-fc7fc8b0b917",
"IPLock": false,
"IPAllocationPolicy": "dynamic",
"NetworkId": "NetworkId_ed8d1035-35a1-497b-acd-4f190ad518731",
"ApnShortId": "1000",
"IPvType": "IPv4"