VPN Setup to 3rd Party AWS Account

The following guide describes how to setup a secure VPN tunnel between monogoto account to 3rd party AWS account.

1. Login to the monogoto portal and go to Network.

2. Edit your “data.mono” network.

3. Go to Routes and copy Gateway IP.

4. Login to your AWS VPC and create new Customer Gateway.

5. Create a Virtual Private Gateway.

6. To attach the Virtual Private Gateway to your VPC select Attach to VPC.

7. Create site-to-site VPN connection.

  • Choose Virtual Private Gateway from 2

  • Choose Customer Gateway from 1

8. For routing options, choose Static and add VPC CIDR.

9. Go to the monogoto portal -> Network -> VPN section and Add new VPN.

  • Destination IP Address = AWS Tunnel Outside IP Address

  • Destination Network = AWS VPC IPv4 CIDR

  • Pool Name = Select your pool

  • Save and Close -> Apply Settings

10. Now we need to add a Route to the VPN in monogoto portal -> Network -> Routes section and Add new

  • Destination = VPN IP address and mask

  • Gateway = select monogoto gateway

  • Save and Close -> Apply Settings

11. Go back to the VPN section and press the Download VPN Config button and copy the “Pre-Shared Key”.

12. Go back to AWS site-to-site VPN Connection -> Action -> Modify VPN Tunnel Options.

13. Select your VPN Tunnel.

14. Paste the Pre-Shared Key from the config file.

15. Go to static routes and add monogoto IP pool.

16. Add monogoto IP pool to your security group.

That's all, now the VPN tunnel is connected.