The amount of available hardware for IoT projects and private 5G networks is growing rapidly. Monogoto is hardware agnostic and all certified hardware should work on our platform. Below you can find a list of hardware which is tested in our labs.

Verified Hardware Vendors

Verified eNodeB Hardware

VendorProduct NameSupported Bands


Node-H 5G

B78: n78 3300 ~ 3800MHz B48: n48 3550 ~ 3700MHz B77: n77 3800 ~ 4200MHz


SCE5164-B78: n78 3300 ~ 3800MHz SCE5164-B48: n48 3550 ~ 3700MHz SCE5164-B77: n77 3800 ~ 4200MHz


SCO5165P-B78: n78 3300 ~ 3800MHz

n48 3550 ~ 3700MHz SCO5165P-B79: n79 4500 ~ 4900MHz SCO5165P-B77: n77 3800 ~ 4200MHz

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