IoT Devices
In this guide you can find the most important settings for Monogoto SIM card to work properly in your IoT device
Please note that there are multiple various IoT devices any many may have different ways to be configured, but this guide should provide the general information on where you may find these settings.

APN Settings

Monogoto SIM cards require your phone to have correct APN settings in order to allow usage of the mobile data. Please note that before configuring APN in your device, we advise you to double check what APNs are available for usage in your Monogoto portal.
To check what APNs are available for your usage, please follow these steps:
2. Go to Network section
3. Check what APNs you have available in the list.
4. We advise you to use APN that has icon
(Apply Settings) in column Settings status. In this example the APN we advise you to use is data.mono
Please note that the APN you want to use in your device must be assigned in Thing Group settings
To setup APN settings in your device please use the following command (in this example APN we need to have is data.mono):

Activate PDP

In order to open data session, please use the following command (tested on Quectel BG95/BG96):

Query PDP status

In order to view data session status, please use the following command (tested on Quectel BG95/BG96):
Please note that some devices may not work properly without correct date and time settings. Therefore, make sure that you have good data and time settings.
If your device takes time from NTP server, please use the following servers:
NTP server 1 -
NTP server 2 -
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