InHand IR302

The following guide contains basic configuration for InHand IR302 to work with a Monogoto SIM card.

InHand IR302 is a cost-effective, compact industrial 4G LTE router, equipped with two Ethernet ports, dual SIM holders, and an optional Wi-Fi interface. It provides easy, reliable, and secure connectivity. This industrial cellular router can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial IoT applications.


  • Monogoto SIM

  • InHand IR302

Connect the InHand IR302

Start by inserting the Monogoto SIM into the InHand IR302.

Connect the InHand IR302 to your PC using the WAN/LAN1 Eth port.

Open up a browser and visit the URL:

Enter the user name and password and click Login. The default credentials are: Username: adm Password: 123456

Make sure to change the password after your first login.

APN Configuration

Open up the Network page -> Cellular -> Edit Profiles.

Configure the APN to: data.mono

Review the connection status

Open up the Status page -> Modem -> Cellular to validate the connection with the Monogoto network. If the connection was successfully established, the Register Status reports: registered, roaming

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