The following chapter explains in details the payments section on the Monogoto hub.

In the Payments section, you can view your charges for the Monogoto services and also download invoices for the services in PDF format.

Payments table information:

1. Billing Period - month for which the invoice was issued.

2. Invoice Number - here you can download the PDF file of the invoice and inside the file check out the detailed information.

3. Type - here you can check out the type of the invoice.

4. Amount - here you can see the amount for used services for the Billing Period.

5. Status - status describes the current status of the payment.

Payment status explained: Completed - payment was made and successfully approved by Monogoto Accounting.

Pending Approval - payment was made and is waiting for Monogoto Accounting to be approved.

Awaiting Payment - the invoice was not paid, please make a payment for this invoice.

6. Due - date by which you have to pay the invoice.

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