Create a new order

Access to the order form

Orders can be generated via the order form. A user with admin profile can access the order from either from the welcome page which is displayed after login or accessible from the top bar menu.

Or, via the orders page by clicking on the +Add New button

Order form

To create an order you should complete the following,

  1. Select the type of SIM you need.

  2. Insert the required amount of SIMs and click Next

If you need any assitance with your order you can contact our sales via the contact sales link in the order form.

  1. Next, insert the shipping details and click Next.

You should insert the company billing address, if it's different than the shipping address.

  1. Review the order summary and insert your credit card (if not exist).

  1. Acknowledge you have reviewed the order and click the Pay button.

  1. Next, you will be redirected back to the orders page where you can see the confirmation message of your order.

When moving to the orders page, you can notice that order creation is still in process. Wait a few moments to see the order status change to awaiting fulfillment stage.

Once the order is confirmed you will receive an order confirmation email.

Once the order is confirmed you will receive 2 inbox events for:

  • New invoice creation

  • New order with payment confirmation

  1. When the order is ready for shipping, you will receive an email from our CSM team and you will get a notification via the inbox or via a 3rd party integration you have created for billing and self-service updates.

  1. The last status of the order is completed and will be inserted by Monogoto once the delivery is confirmed.

To view the order invoice, you should go to the payment page and click the invoice number link.

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