The following chapter contains explanation on information seen in the Captures section of Monogoto hub.

Packet Captures lets you capture all outgoing and incoming data from Things connected to Monogoto. Packet Captures can generate a PCAP file for a specific Thing, including all data traffic routed via Monogoto over the past 60 minutes.

Packet capture is available for things connected to an APN served by Monogoto.

Activation or deactivation or the capture integration applies to the whole account.

Capture files will auto-delete after 30 days.

Enabling Packet Capture Functionality

When you want to use the Packet capture functionality, you can do so by going into the Things tab and selecting one. (Please note this is a one-time procedure that will stay enabled for future use)

  1. Please go to the Things section on the left side menu.

  1. Click on Capture on the top left side of the Thing Description.

  1. Then select Activate Capture to enable Packet Capture Functionality.

  1. After activating Capture, a small message will appear on the top section of your account.

After enabling packet capture, you must wait for 60 minutes before integration has been enabled and a Capture can be created.

Capturing Packet for a SIM

When we have enabled Packet Capture, we can initiate a packet capture.

  1. After enabling Capture, you will see a blue Capture button. Select the Capture Time and Duration and click Capture.

  1. Head to the Captures tab on the left to see the latest Packet Capture. Then click on the download Icon in the File column to download the Packet Capture.

In case you do not see the Download Capture File button, please try to do a website refresh.

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