Integrated SIM


Monogoto iSIM provide you with cellular connectivity which is the perfect choice of wireless technology to connect your Internet of Things (IoT) devices, especially if those devices move between cities and countries or are deployed in remote environments. We offer flexible pricing which you can check out by following this link.

What is iSIM?

iSIM, or Integrated SIM, is a new standard of SIM cards that are directly embedded into the device's chipset or processor. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which require physical insertion into a device, iSIM is added to the device directly and does not require a separate physical card.


  • Management of your iSIM via a cloud-based self-service platform.

  • iSIM allows for the use of embedded SIM cards directly within devices, leading to reduced size and weight of devices.

  • Support of Monogoto Toolkit (MTK). This is a feature to manage multiple IMSI profiles for enhanced connectivity and roaming optimization for a SIM.

  • iSIM can be remotely managed and provisioned with profiles over-the-air (OTA), facilitating easier operations, management, and maintenance.

  • Monogoto secure IoT SIM works on 550+ cellular networks in 180 countries offering all network technologies. You can check our coverage by following this link.

  • With the use of API integrate 3rd party cloud applications and automate processes across your organization.

  • Cloud-based private network with hybrid local-breakout. Radio and CPE agnostic solution supports CBRS and any band.

Technical Specifications

  • Storage Capacity: iSIMs can store subscriber identity information, network credentials, and authentication keys securely within the device's hardware.

  • Security Features: iSIMs incorporate robust security measures such as two-factor authentication, encryption algorithms, and access controls to protect sensitive data.

  • Power Efficiency: iSIMs are optimized for power efficiency to minimize energy consumption and extend battery life in battery-powered devices.

What is ICCID and where to find it?

ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card ID. This is a globally unique identification number for the SIM itself. ICCID number consists of 19 or 20 digits. You can read more about this in our published article following this link.

Using AT commands

If your device supports the use of AT commands, then you can also check the ICCID by using an AT command.

Device ManufacturerAT Command





Nordic Semiconductor










Please note that these mentioned AT Commands may differ based on the used device model, even when using the same device manufacturer, so it is always a good idea to check the device manual to see what exact command you should use.

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