The following chapter contains an example integration for Monogoto hub with Slack.

Slack is a messaging program used often in workplaces due to the convenience it provides with its flexibility. Once of the features of Slack is integration capabilities, so in this guide we will show you an example on how you can make Monogoto hub integration with Slack.

1. Login into Monogoto hub.

2. Go to Integrations section.

3. From available integrations list please press on Slack option.

4. Next please press on the button +Setup Slack.

5. Next please go to the official Slack website for integrations following this link.

6. A new window should open with Slack website, please press on button Create your Slack app.

7. Please select From scratch option.

8. Give a name for the integration.

9. Select a workspace.

10. Press on Create App button.

11. Next please select Incoming Webhooks from the list of available to add features.

12. Please change Active Incoming Webhooks option from Off to On.

13. Please press on Add New Webhook to Workspace button.

14. Select in what Slack channel the Events from Monogoto hub will be posted.

15. Press on Allow button.

16. Copy the webhook generated by Slack.

17. Go back into your Monogoto hub where you have started the Slack integration and enter/paste Slack webhook.

18. Press on the drop list button Select events to track in order to select one by one what information you would like to receive via this integration. You can check descriptions of Events in Integrations section.

Please note that by default every integration has enabled the following notifications: Billing updates, Production updates and Daily reports

19. If you want to can give this integration a description or you can leave the default description.

20. In order to save our integration, please press on button Setup Slack.

21. You should now see your configured Monogoto hub integration with your Slack.

22. Once your configured Event is triggered, you should receive a notification to Slack. You can see the example below.

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