ProView 4GPro-W

The following guide contains basic configuration for ProView 4GPro-W to work with a Monogoto SIM card.

ProView 4GPro-W modem should require only entered APN in device to work with a Monogoto SIM card.

To change APN settings, please do the following:

1. Login into your modem

2. Go To Internet and then select Internet Connection

3. Press on APN settings

4. Enter APN and save changes

Example showing APN data.mono used in ProView 4GPro-W modem

Please note that some devices may not work properly without correct date and time settings. Therefore, make sure that you have good data and time settings.

If your device takes time from NTP server, please use the following servers:

NTP server 1 -

NTP server 2 -

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