The following chapter contains an example integration for Monogoto hub with email.

Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication methods globally. So in this guide we will show you an example on how you can configure the Monogoto hub integration with email.

1. Login into Monogoto hub.

2. Go to Integrations section.

3. From available integrations list please press on Email option.

4. Next please press on the button +Setup Email.

5. Now please press on Add+ button and enter email address that you want to use with this integration.

Kindly note that you can add as many email addresses for this integration as you need

6. Press on the drop list button Select events to track in order to select one by one what information you would like to receive via this integration. You can check descriptions of Events in Integrations section.

Please note that by default every integration has enabled the following notifications: Billing updates, Production updates and Daily reports

7. If you want to can give this integration a description or you can leave the default description.

7. In order to save our integration, please press on button Setup Email.

8. You should now see your configured Monogoto hub integration with your Email address.

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