Smart Cash Register Configuration to Use Cellular SIM as WiFi Backup

The following guide shows example configuration for smart cash register to use cellular SIM as a backup in case WiFi stops working properly.

1. Press on internet settings in the tool bar.

2. Press and hold Cellular button for a few seconds.

3. You should see Go to Settings button appear, please press on this button.

4. When Cellular settings open, please press on Advanced options.

5. Press on button Add an APN.

6. When APN configuration window opens please enter Profile name and APN. Below you can see example showing APN data.mono being used in a device.

7. After entering APN and profile name, please scroll down and mark Apply this profile. This will set this new APN as a default APN in this device.

8. To save our APN settings, please press on Save button.

9. After saving APN, please enable data roaming, by selecting Roam under Data roaming options

10. Now to set this cellular data to be used when there are issues with WiFi, please select When Wi-Fi is poor under Use cellular instead of Wi-Fi.

11. To apply the settings to the device, please click on Cellular to disable it and then again click on Cellular to enable it.

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