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Get started with Monogoto
Welcome to Monogoto! Your IoT, private LTE and 5G connectivity provider. Monogoto provides a global access to cellular networks in over 180 countries. It has an intuitive self-service portal to manage your connected devices, and its API-first design allows you to fully integrate Monogoto’s device management functionalities into your platform of choice.
Monogoto has a dedicated support team, ready to assist you in realizing your connected solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out directly, or engage with IoT experts on the Monogoto Forum.

Getting Started

In order to start using Monogoto, you will need the following:
  • Monogoto SIM card Monogoto SIMs come in the sizes: 2FF (standard), 3FF (micro), 4FF (nano) and MFF2 (embedded). You can request a free SIM card here.
  • Access to the Monogoto console An invite to the Monogoto console is sent along with your SIM card. The console can be accessed via the link console.monogoto.io​
  • Cellular hardware To connect to Monogoto, hardware containing a cellular modem is needed. This may be a smartphone or tablet, or a hardware development kit such as the nRF9160 DK, SODAQ SARA, Pycom FiPy or Waveshare SIM7070G.

Access the Monogoto Console

Visit the console via the link console.monogoto.io​
Login page
After logging in, you enter the Monogoto dashboard in which you find information about your Things (meaning your SIM cards), alerts, API calls etc.
Dashboard page
Detailed information about your SIMs can be found under the Things page. When selecting one of your Things you will find more detailed information such as the IMEI, ICCID, active mobile network operator, IP address, event logs and more.
Things page
Useful link to learn more about Monogoto's device management:

Device Configuration

Set the device APN to: data.mono
If the device you are using is a mobile phone - make sure that roaming in enabled
For IoT modem configurations, head over to the Device Configurations and select one of the modem manufacturers:
Or directly go to documentation of popular development kits:
Waveshare SIM7070G
nRF9160 DK
​Learn more​
​Learn more​
​Learn more​

Supported Countries and Networks

In order to see the supported countries and networks in the Monogoto portal, follow the below steps:
  • Click Things Groups from the sidebar menu.
  • Select a Things Group and click the Edit icon to display the Things Group settings.
Things group
  • Click the Roaming button
Things group setting
You may enable or disable networks from the list.
  • Check the Override option to display the Roaming Policy settings.
  • Enable or disable these options for each of the Roaming Partners in the list.
    • Block Roaming
    • Block SMS
    • Data
    • Data restriction
    • Block byte-rate Limit
  • Click Save and Back to update the override settings in the system database.
The changes will be applied on a group level. Settings can also be changed for a specific SIM. To do so, head over to Things
, select your Thing and scroll down to the Mobile Identities. Click the gear-icon
and select Roaming Restrictions.

Technical Support

Monogoto's support team is available for every technical question or issue that you may have. You can contact Monogoto support via:
Looking forward to hearing about your experience with our products!