Initial Configuration

Congratulations! 😀 you have received your first Monogoto SIM card. The following getting started guide will assist you to connect it to the network.


Please follow these steps in order to make sure that the SIM card will work properly:

  1. If the device is a mobile phone - make sure that roaming in enabled.

  2. Set the APN to: data.mono

  3. The device data connection should be active now.

For IoT devices configuration, you may use this example of device configuration:

Supported Countries and Networks

In order to see the supported countries and networks in the Monogoto portal, follow the below steps:

  • Click Things Groups from the sidebar menu.

  • Select a Things Group and click the Edit icon to display the Things Group settings.

  • Click the Roaming button

You may enable or disable networks from the list.

  • Check the Override option to display the Roaming Policy settings.

  • Enable or disable these options for each of the Roaming Partners in the list.

    • Block Roaming

    • Block SMS

    • Data

    • Data restriction

    • Block byte-rate Limit

  • Click Save and Back to update the override settings in the system database.

Note that the changes will be applied on a group level. You may also apply the changes by entering to the specific SIM page, in the Mobile Identities section click on View under Roaming Restrictions.


Monogoto's support team is available for every technical question or issue that you may have. You can contact support via:

Looking forward to hearing about your experience with our products!