The following chapter contains explanation on information seen in the Things section of Monogoto hub.

The Things page provides a detailed view of all the things (SIMs) under the account.

Things Table Explained

By default, the Things table shows general information about your Things (SIMs), like what is the name of the Thing, what was last used operator, etc.

Default things table information:

  • Name: the name of the Thing. This name can be customized in the advanced console.

  • ICCID: the SIM identification number, also known as ICCID.

  • Group: the Thing Group the SIM belongs to. SIM can be moved between Thing Groups in the advanced console.

  • Network: displays the last operator that the SIM has been connected to.

  • Data Usage: the data usage count for the current month in megabytes.

  • Last Activity: the time of the last closed data session.

  • Status: the SIM status, which shows if SIM is ready to be used or is it blocked from being used.

Thing states explained:

Active - SIM is activated and is available to be used.

Suspended - SIM is temporarily suspended from being used.

Retired - This state is used only when SIM has been lost or damaged since once Thing is set to this state, it can no longer be used without the help of Monogoto Support.

Please note that Thing states can be changed in Monogoto console.

Detailed view for specific Thing

Clicking on the Thing name on the Things page will take you to the Thing Details page, which includes all the information related to the Things, including data usage, live statuses, and events.

Did you know the Thing details page includes an indication regarding the availability of the Monogoto SIM Tool Kit? Also known as MTK.

Please note that in case a Thing (SIM) does not have any activity during the current month, the graphs showing activity and data usage will be empty.

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