The following guide describes the message section from Edge Events.

Event Messages is the first column of Events logs and probably the most important source of information about the call flow. This provides detailed information on UE (device) attach, authentication, deletion & failure logs.


"S1 Setup Request","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Received","enodeb-id":269,"tac":512,"restart-cntr":1,"enodeb-name":"AirSpan_AirSpeed-1030","enodeb-addr":"","serving-network-mcc":"315","serving-network-mnc":"010"}

eNodeB initiates the procedure by sending S1 (Radio Trunk) Setup Request message including the appropriate data to the MME. This message contains TAC ,eNodeB name ,eNodeB IP and its PLMN. This message is sent by eNodeB to MME

"S1 Setup Response","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","mme-name":"vmmestandalone","served-mme-grpid":1,"served-mme-code":1,"relative-mme-capacity":10,"served-plmns":[{"serving-network-mcc":"315","serving-network-mnc":"010"}]}

MME responds with S1 (Radio Trunk) Setup Response message including the appropriate data. When this procedure is finished, the S1 (Radio Trunk) interface is operational and other S1 messages can be exchanged. This message is send by MME to eNodeB.

"S1 Setup Failure","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Sent"}

This indicates the failure of the S1 setup (Radio Trunk) with MME. This message is sent by the MME to eNodeB to indicate the S1 (Radio Trunk) Setup failure.

"Initial UE Message, Attach Request, PDN Connectivity Request","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Received","enodeb-ue-s1ap-id":9881,"serving-network-mcc":"315","serving-network-mnc":"010"}

The event shows the attach request from UE to MME. Attach message is sent in the Initial UE message to the MME over the S1AP interface. The "Attach Request" is embedded in the Initial UE Message. The message also includes the PDN Connectivity Request message. The Tracking Area Identify (TAI) and E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier (ECGI) are also included. The eNodeB uses the eNB-UE-S1APID to uniquely identify the UE.

"Authentication Information Request","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","session-id":";1708411971;16361;9373","dst-host":"","dst-realm":"","imsi":"314030000022975","serving-network-mcc":"314","serving-network-mnc":"030"}

MME sends a S6A diameter (Edge Trunk) message called Authentication Information Request (AIR) from the MME to the HSS and sends the corresponding mobile identity. This message includes IMSI ,PLMN & destination host & realm name.

"Authentication Information Answer","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Received","session-id":";1708411971;16361;9373","dst-host":"","dst-realm":""}

Event showing successful Authentication Information Answer (AIA) from HSS to MME, which contains the authentication information which includes a random byte array denoted by RAND, the expected response from the UE to the MME denoted by XRES, the authentication response denoted by AUTN, and a shared key called the Key Access.

"Authentication Information Answer","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Received","session-id":";1711010416;25;27","dst-host":"hss.omec.svc.cluster.local","dst-realm":"omec.svc.cluster.local","cause":"Unknown s6a Cause"}

Event showing unsuccessful Authentication Information Answer (AIA) from HSS to MME with mme cause: Unknown s6a Cause. This cause code describes that authentication is not successful as HSS doesn't have its authentication Data.

"Downlink NAS Transport Attach Reject","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","mme-ue-s1ap-id":27,"enodeb-ue-s1ap-id":30,"cause":"emmCause_ue_id_not_derived_by_network"}

This describes the failure of the attach request. By sending this message MME informs UE that attach is not successful. Cause: UE identity cannot be derived by the network describes that attach rejected due to authentication failure.This message is sent by MME to UE

"Create Session Request","protocol":"GTPv2","node":"SPGWC","direction":"Received","msg-type-no":32,"msg-length":225,"seq-no":583,"teid":"0","imsi":"315010006701321","msisdn":0,"apn":"data.mono","f-teid":[{"intfc-type":"S11 MME GTP-C interface","teid":"ea","ip-addr":""}]}

MME initiates the default route establishment by asking the SPGWC to create a GTP tunnel. The source is identified by the fully qualified endpoint identifier with the Tunnel Endpoint Identifier (TEID) and the MME IP Address.This message is sent by MME to SPGWC

"Create Session Response","protocol":"GTPv2","node":"MME","direction":"Received","teid":"ea","pdn-addr":"","f-teid":[{"intfc-name":"S11 / S4 SGW GTP-C Interface","teid":"c10072","ip-addr":""}],"bearer-ctxt":{"f-teid":[{"intfc-name":"S1-U SGW GTP-U Interface","teid":"f0c10072","ip-addr":""}],"mbr-uplink":1650000,"mbr-downlink":1650000}}

Event showing a successful acknowledgment message from SPGWC to the MME that indicates the establishment of GPRS Tunneling Protocol for control (GTP-C) tunnel. The IP Address assigned to the UE is also included along with the downlink and uplink maximum data rates allowed at the APN level. The TAI and ECGI (E-UTRAN Cell Group Identifier) information identify the current location of the user.

"Create Session Response","protocol":"GTPv2","node":"MME","direction":"Received","teid":"5","pdn-addr":"","f-teid":[{"intfc-name":"S11 / S4 SGW GTP-C Interface","teid":"0","ip-addr":""}],"bearer-ctxt":{"f-teid":[{"intfc-name":"S1-U SGW GTP-U Interface","teid":"0","ip-addr":""}],"mbr-uplink":0,"mbr-downlink":0},"cause":"GTPV2C_CAUSE_MISSING_UNKNOWN_APN"}

This is an acknowledgment message from SPGWC to the MME that indicates the failure of the the data session with cause GTPV2C_CAUSE_MISSING_UNKNOWN_APN. This cause describes that apn is missing/unknown in SPGWC.

"Downlink NAS Transport Attach Reject","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","mme-ue-s1ap-id":9,"enodeb-ue-s1ap-id":16046,"cause":"emmCause_network_failure"}

This describes the failure of the attach request. By sending this message MME informs UE that attach is not successful. Cause: mme Cause_network_failure describes that attach rejected due to some network error.This message is sent by MME to UE

"Uplink NAS Transport, Attach Complete","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Received","seq-no":2}

This describes the successful response as attach procedure is completed. The eNodeB transports Attach Complete from UE to MME and Activate Default Bearer Accept.

"Uplink NAS Transport, Detach Request (UE Originating Detach)","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Received","seq-no":3}

UE initiates a detach request for deletion of IMSI from the edge/MME. This message is sent by UE to MME

"Delete Session Request","protocol":"GTPv2","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","eps-bearer-id":5}

This describes the initiation of deletion of IMSI (user session) from the Edge. A Delete Session Request message is sent by the MME to the SPGWC as part of the procedures: EUTRAN Initial Attach UE, HSS, or MME Initiated Detach UE or MME Requested PDN Disconnection

"Delete Session Response","protocol":"GTPv2","node":"SPGWC","direction":"Sent","msg-type-no":37,"msg-length":14,"seq-no":66,"teid":"15","cause":"RequestAccepted(16)"}

Successful deletion of IMSI (user session) from the Edge. A Delete Session Response message is sent by the SPGWC to the MME as part of the procedures: EUTRAN Initial Attach UE, HSS, or MME Initiated Detach UE or MME Requested PDN Disconnection

"Downlink NAS Transport Detach Accept","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","mme-ue-s1ap-id":1,"enodeb-ue-s1ap-id":20}

This is an acknowledgment of the message of the UE deletion request. This message is sent by MME to UE to inform that UE is deleted from MME.

"seq-no":206014,"edge-id":"Edge19-AccessPark@Canopy_Oaks","imsi":"314030000023007","enb-ip":"","apn":"data.mono","ue-ip-address":"","volume-consumed":51200000,"cause":"ThresholdReached","start-time":"2024-02-29 10:00:41.318","stop-time":"2024-02-29 10:01:27.662","duration-in-seconds":46.344}

This describes that post-data consumption CDRs are generated based on the used volume threshold.This provides information about IMSI,eNodeB IP ,APN ,UE IP, Volume consumed and cause for CDR generation.CDR are generated in SPGWC.

"Purge Request","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","session-id":";1709016599;65;21","dst-host":"","dst-realm":"","imsi":"240075817722992"}

MME sends a Purge Request to HSS to notify that the subscriber is inactive & remove the data of a subscriber from its (temporary) storage.MME deletes data sent by HSS from its end and notifies the same to HSS.This message provides IMSI and Destination host & realm information

"Purge Answer","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Received","session-id":";1709016599;65;21"}

This describes the successful deletion of IMSI (user session) from the HSS.This message is sent by HSS to MME

"Purge Answer","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Received","session-id":";1711013830;10;2","cause":"Unknown s6a Cause"}

This describes an unsuccessful deletion of UE from HSS.Cause in Purge Answer defines the reason of failure.This message is sent by HSS to MME

"Cancel Location Request","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Received","imsi":"240075817722992"}

The subscription is withdrawn from HSS for a user (IMSI). It causes forceful deletion of IMSI (user session) from the Edge. This message is sent by HSS to MME.

"Cancel Location Answer","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","imsi":"240075817722992"}

The forceful deletion due to subscription withdrawal is completed successfully for the particular IMSI. This is an acknowledgment sent from MME to HSS

"S1 Disconnect","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Received","enodeb-id":807168,"tac":1,"restart-cntr":0,"enodeb-name":"SC6223800009","enodeb-addr":"","serving-network-mcc":"","serving-network-mnc":""}

The S1 (Radio Trunk ) connection between the radio and the private network's edge is down. eNodeB sent this message to MME

"HSS Disconnect","protocol":"S6a","node":"MME","direction":"Received","hss-host-name":""}

Edge Trunk (S6a connection between the edge to HSS host ) is down. We support two HSS host Cloud and Local. This message is sent from HSS to MME

"Downlink NAS Transport Service Reject","protocol":"S1AP","node":"MME","direction":"Sent","mme-ue-s1ap-id":1,"enodeb-ue-s1ap-id":6,"cause":"UE identity cannot be derived by the network"}

The event shows that the service requested is rejected due to some failure on the network side .MME sends this message to UE

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