The following chapter contains an example integration for Monogoto hub with Zapier.

Zapier is a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows. Monogoto supports the ability to integrate with Zapier so that certain actions can happen in Zapier once the webhook is received.

1. Login into Monogoto hub.

2. Go to Integrations section.

3. From available integrations list please press on Zapier option.

4. Next please press on the button +Setup Zapier.

5. You should see that the integration with Zapier window has opened.

6. Please go to Zapier website and log in to your Zapier account.

7. Once you are logged in your Zapier account, please press on Create Zap button.

8. From the list of triggers please select Webhooks by Zapier option.

9. Select Event Catch Hook.

10. Press on Continue button.

11. Again please press on Continue button.

12. Now you should have received the webhook that we will need to enter into Monogoto Hub.

13. Go back to the Monogoto Hub and enter the wehbook that we got in Zapier.

14. Back to the Zapier, please press on Test trigger button.

15. You should be informed that no request was received, please press on Skip test button.

16. Confirm that we want to skip test by pressing again Skip test button.

17. Please press on Continue to next step button.

18. You now should be asked to select action that you want to happen once the webhook is received. Please select the action that you require and continue the configurations on the Zapier end.

19. Press on the drop list button Select events to track in order to select one by one what information you would like to receive via this integration. You can check descriptions of Events in Integrations section.

Please note that by default every integration has enabled the following notifications: Billing updates, Production updates and Daily reports

19. If you want to can give this integration a description or you can leave the default description.

20. In order to save our integration, please press on button Setup Zapier.

21. You should now see your configured Monogoto hub integration with Slack.

Please do not forget to finish configuring Actions in Zapier end to fit your liking (Step 18).

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