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Get Thing Information

This guide will provide a small guidance on how to obtain Thing information, including the IP address of an active SIM card
Get Thing information
Add your Thing ICCID and Token in the GET request to successfully obtain the Thing info.

Example using cURL:

curl -X GET \
--url "{THING_ICCID}/" \
-H "accept: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_TOKEN}"
Example of response to our request:
"ThingName":"Thing 123",
"ThingDescription":"Description of Thing",
"ActiveMobileSubscriber": "123456789101112",
"State": "ACTIVE",
"BatchId": "Tutorial SIM",
"MSISDN": "+4420412389916",
"ExternalUniqueId": "8912372646888991",
"ExternalUniqueType": "ICCID",
"ExternalBatchId": "Tutorial SIM",
"OrganizationId": "OrganizationId_23789d7d-dd59-4739-ab2c-1ec7d9d8b11a",
"CreatedBy": "UserId_90b777a3-60f5-4557-958ba-15f04333d17b",
"ThingsGroupId": "ThingsGroupId_ca140991-be66-4ddd-a777-711595c5a30d",
"CustomerId": "cid_c256463da-742-491b-911b-8850177ef5121",
"DateAssignedToCustomer": 1610443297454,
"SimType": null,
"IPs": [
"IP": "",
"IPAllocationPolicy": "dynamic",
"IPLock": false,
"IPPoolId": "IPPoolId_0cbby8ae-ddx7-4nx6-8588-b7e451f114e3",
"IPvType": "IPv4",
"NetworkId": "NetworkId_ec8dc935-35a1-499a-aacd-4e190ad41673",
"ApnShortId": "1000"