Network Ping

The following chapter contains explanation on information seen in the Network Ping section of Monogoto hub.
In the Network Ping section, you can configure a ping (Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper) to test and verify if the SIM IP address can accept requests and also show the speed of this request test. Using ping is also a good way to check if SIM currently has a PDP session open.
Please keep in mind that in order for ping to work SIM must have an open PDP session or have keep-alive configured, also device must support ICMP and have no firewall restrictions on ICMP

How to ping Thing private IP address:

1. First let's go to Things section in the Monogoto hub.
2. When you are in Things section, please press on a name of the Thing that you would like to ping.
3. You should be directed to a window showing you information about your Thing, including your SIM used private IP address. Please copy it, since we will need it in the later steps.
4. Next please go to Network Ping section
5. Once Network Ping section opens, please press on button + Add to add new Ping test
6. Please enter and select the information for the Ping test
IP - please enter your SIM private IP address (step 3).
Packet Size - select the packet size for your test
Ping Requests - select the amount of requests you want to do during this Ping test
7. Please press on Save button to launch ping test
8. You should see a window with your ping test results. To view full information of the test, please press on
If you do not see the results of the ping, please do a website refresh from your browser.
In case the results show you the message No live session that would mean that the device could not be reached via Ping. Please make sure the device has an open PDP session and does not have restrictions on ICMP in device or your firewall.
9. Now you should be able to see full ping test results in the shown table