Manage users

When you go into users window of Monogoto Hub you see a list of users that you currently have and can manage.

Users table information explained:

  1. Name - here you can see a name given to a user.

  2. Email - an email address of a user.

  3. Profile - this is a profile of a user. Each profile has different permissions the user can manage.

User ProfileDescription

Admin user

Admin user has full permissions. This user can view and change everything in Advanced Console and Hub

Standard user

Standard user can do everything like Admin user, except it is not allowed to see/manage pricing and users in Advanced Console and Hub

Group user

Group user is limited to managing only selected Thing Groups. This is useful when you have end users that you would like to monitor/manage the status of only specific SIMs

Monitor user

Monitor user can only monitor information in Advanced Console and Hub. This user cannot do any changes

API user

API user is meant to be used only for API testing and documentation in Advanced Console and Hub

  1. Description - an optional field where additional information can be written about the user.

  2. Status - Status informs you about the current state of the user.



This is an activated user that can be successfully used.


This is a use that was created, but did not finish user creation.


This is a user that was deactivated using the Deactivation action.

  1. Actions - In actions you can see available actions with a user.

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