Network Management
A “Network” is a set of IP and mobile network related policies. The Monogoto system creates a virtual independent network which enables customers to define various rules and policies. A Network can be associated to one or more Things Groups. All Things in the associated groups behave as if they belong to the network, and all network policies are applicable.

Network Options

The network options are described in the table below
Add Network VPN
Setup a VPN between Things and back office applications or cloud servers.
Address Pools
Allocate public and private IP address pools, to match the number of “Things”. Customers divide allocated address pools based on requirements and can assign addresses to Things automatically or manually. Customers with a dedicated APN get a full range of 16 million IPv4 addresses to choose from.
Set up and configure routes for a specific or custom network.
Perform port forwarding to the mobile network via a single public IPv4 address, TCP or UDP port.
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