Create Things Group

This section describes how to create a Things Group. You need to select a telephony security profile to create a Things Group. To create a Things Group, follow these steps:

Things Groups contain several Things that can be associated to each other in various ways. For example, a group may contain Gas Meters, Water Meters, or Mobile Phones that belong to a specific department in an enterprise. Each group has different definitions such as Network, Security, Authorized Access, Alerts, etc. All settings apply to all devices within the Things Group.

Create Things Group

1. Click Things Group from the sidebar menu.

2. Click Add New Group.

3. Enter a Name for the Things Group.

4. Enter a Description for the Things Group.

5. Select a Security Profile for the Things Group.

6. Select a Network for the Things Group- add all the networks available.

7. Click Create Group to define the Things Group in the system database.

8. Click Save & Close update the system database.

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