VPN Setup with Ubiquiti

The following guide describes how to setup a secure VPN tunnel between Monogoto account and Ubiquiti.

1. Login to the Monogoto portal and go to Network.

2. Edit your “data.mono” network.

3. Go to the VPN section and select Add New.

  • Enter a VPN Name of your choice.

  • For Destination IP Address, enter the external IP address of your Ubiquiti gateway.

  • For Destination Network, enter your LAN’s IPv4 CIDR block.

  • For Pool Name, select your Monogoto IP address pool.

When you are done, click Save & Close, and Apply Settings.

4. Now we need to add a route to the VPN in the Monogoto portal. Go to the Routes select Add New.

  • For Destination, enter you LAN CIDR block.

  • For Gateway, select the default Monogoto gateway.

Click Save & Close, and Apply Settings.

5. Go back to Routes and copy Gateway IP.

6. Go back to the VPN section and press the Download VPN Config button. Copy the “Pre-Shared Key” from the downloaded config file.

7. On the Ubiquiti web UI, click “settings” -> “Networks” -> “Add new network”.

8. Name your new network, expand the Virtual Private Network dropdown, select “Advanced” and make sure “Site-to-Site” and “Manual IPsec” are selected.

9. Paste the Pre-Shared Key we copied from the VPN Config into the Pre-shared Secret Key field.

  • For Public IP Address, select the gateway’s external IP address you used when creating the Monogoto VPN.

  • For Remote Gateway/Subnets, enter the Monogoto IP Address Pool CIDR block and click “create”. For Remote IP Address, enter the Monogoto Gateway IP we copied earlier.

10. Under Advanced, leave everything as-is, but make sure both DH groups are set to 2.

11. Click Add Network.

12. Make sure no firewall rules are blocking VPN traffic.

That’s all – the VPN tunnel should now be connected.

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