Outgoing (MO) SMS

In this section you may learn how Outgoing (MO) SMS work in Monogoto network.

In Monogoto, a device can send an SMS via webhook or to a real phone number (additional costs included)

  • If you wish to send an SMS via webhook the user should select in the Monogoto self-service console the checkbox to ”terminate sms to webhook”.

  • If there is a requirement to send an SMS to a real number, make sure to contact us. customer Phone number contact us

Outgoing SMS via the webhook from the self-service console:

1. Login to the Monogoto portal and go to Things Groups.

2. Press on the Edit button in the Thing Group you wish to have Webhook configurations.

3. In the Edit Thing group window, please enter a webhook address in the field Webhook for Outgoing SMS.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press button SAVE & CLOSE.

Done. Now when one of your things in this group sends MO SMS, a webhook will be sent to your entered address.

Please note that you may use Test button near your entered webhook address to check if your entered address is able to receive webhook from Monogoto portal.

In case you need MO SMS not to reach the network destination, but only send a webhook, please mark terminate outbound SMS message in the webhook.

SMS status check via the self-service console:

1. Click Things from the sidebar menu.

2. Find a Thing that you wish to check and open its Thing Menu.

3. Scroll down to Events, they show SIM logs.

4. In Events, please check if you can see any events about webhooks near the SMS message event.

No event about webhook = indicates that the webhook was sent successfully. Webhook retry times = usually indicates that the webhook failed to reach the entered address.

Below you can see failed webhook example:

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