Telit LM960A9-P

Connect the LM960 modem to Monogoto's private LTE Network

The LM960A9-P mini PCIe (mPCIe) supports LTE Cat 9 for bands 42, 43 and 48. The modem is designed for Europe and North America and is perfectly suited for private LTE networks as it supports band 48, also referred to as CBRS.

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  • Monogoto SIM

  • Telit LM960A9-P cellular modem

  • Access to a private LTE network

Connect the LM960 to Monogoto

When connecting to the LM960 modem, keep the AT Commands manual next to you to look up details about commands.

Connect to the modem, enter the command: AT and wait for the response: OK

Reset the modem to the factory default configuration:


Set the error reporting to verbose, resulting in more descriptive error messages (optional):


Check if the SIM card is attached and is not locked with a PIN, expected response: +CPIN: READY:


If you receive an error, the SIM may not be inserted properly or the SIM is protected with a PIN. By default, Monogoto SIMs are not PIN protected.

Query device information

Request the modem hardware version:


Request the modem firmware version:


Request the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity):


Request the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID), which is the identification number of the SIM card


Network Configuration

Manually set the network:

Monogoto's private LTE network is indicated with the MCCMNC code: 315010. To connect to the private LTE network, enter:


To test if the network is set correctly enter:


Expected response: +COPS: 0,2,“315010”,7 7 indicates that the modem is using LTE.

Check the radio signal strength and signal quality:


Example response: +CSQ: 22,1

+CSQ returns 2 values separated by a comma. The first value represents the signal strength and provides a value between 0 and 31; a higher number indicates better signal strength. The second value represents the signal quality indicated by a value between 0 and 7, a lower value indicates better signal quality . If AT+CSQ returns 99,99, the signal is undetectable or unknown.

Network Activation

Set the APN to data.mono:


To test if the APN is set correctly, enter:


Expected response: +CGDCONT: 1,"IP","data.mono","",0,0,0

Activate the PDP (packet data protocol) context:


Test if the PDP context is activated:


Expected response: +CGACT: 1,1

Request Serving Cell Information


Example response:

#SERVINFO: 55340,-69,“”,“315010",0000801,0200,320,3,-95
  • 315010 (the fourth value) indicates that the device being connected to Monogoto's Private LTE Network

  • 3 (the second-last value), indicates an active CS & PS service

Test what cellular band the modem is using:


Example response:

#RFSTS: “315 010”,55340,-95,-69,-6,0200,255,,320,19,2,0000801,“240075817191342",“”,3,48

The last value: 48 represents the cellular band the modem is currently using.

Validate if your device received an IP address:


Expected response: +CGPADDR: 1,10.XXX.XX.XXX

Do you see an IP address? Congratulations! 🎉 You’ve successfully connected the LM960 modem to Monogoto.

Have a look at the Things logs in the Monogoto Console to find more details about the established connection.

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