About This Guide

This guide contains comprehensive information about monogoto's connectivity management console. It provides system operators and administrators with a detailed description of how to use the monogoto console and includes detailed general work methods, step-by-step procedures and recommended best practices.


This guide should be used as a reference guide by system administrators. The purpose of this documentation is to provide a full understanding of how to define, configure, maintain and trouble shoot the system.

Conventions & Symbols

This guide uses the following typography and graphic conventions.




Bold Text

Bold text shows a user action

To print the document click Print

Menu | Separator

The | separator specifies the full path for sub-menus

To access the application, click Start | Programs | Accessories | Notepad

Italic Text

Italic text specifies field names, file names, folder names and file paths

Type the IP address in the Address field

Courier New Text

Courier text is used to display systems messages and code examples

The following error message is displayed: Error opening database: database is currently in use