Send SMS to Thing

To send an SMS to a Thing, follow these steps:

1. Click Things from the sidebar menu.

2. Find a Thing that you wish to send SMS to and to press on Thing name to open it’s Thing Menu.

3. Click Send SMS to Thing.

4. Enter a name in the From field.

5. Type a Message.

6. Click Send.

Please note that some iot devices due to security reasons require you to define whitelist of phone numbers that can send SMS to your iot devices. Therefore, when you want to be able to send SMS to your iot device we would advise you to do the following:

  1. Check if your iot device requires you to have a number whitelisted in order for the iot device to accept the SMS. If it does, then please think of a number that you would like to be shown when sending SMS to your iot device.

  2. When sending the SMS from portal, please in FROM field enter a phone number that you have entered in your iot device whitelist.

  3. When entering phone number in FROM field, please enter it with country code, without the + or 00 symbols. For example +4420123456789 should be entered as 4420123456789.

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