Introduction to Private LTE

Monogoto’s private LTE solution enables organizations to create stand-alone cellular networks, independent of public cellular operators.

The multi-tenant solution includes secure SIM cards, small cells (or bring your own), and connection to the Monogoto secure cloud. Monogoto’s connectivity management platform (CMP) facilitates full network configuration, device management, and subscription control. It comes with roaming support enabling hybrid solutions where SIMs roam with public LTE networks outside of the private network's vicinity.

Data sent over Private LTE networks can be processed locally to reduce latency and to comply with data privacy regulation.

What is Private LTE?

Private LTE networks are becoming more and more popular due to the reduced complexity and operational costs. Running networks privately allows for improved quality of service, lower latency, and better data security. It enables full control over the data flow and can be setup in a way that your data won't leave your servers or physical site.

Recently, the US opened a 150 MHz band for shared use, allowing companies to deploy private networks without the need to license spectrum. This shared spectrum is referred to as the Citizens Broadband Radio Service or CBRS.

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