Edge NUC

The NUC is part of the Monogoto EDGE series.

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  • Ethernet cables

  • Power cable

  • Configuration data to connect the edge to the Monogoto cloud Reach out to support@monogoto.io if you haven't received the config data yet

Getting Started

Connect the NUC to your internet router using an ethernet cable connected to Port 1 (will use DHCP in order to obtain its WAN IP address).

Connect the power cable to Port 3 of the NUC.

Connect an ethernet cable from the NUC Port 2 to the Network where your eNB is connected.

NUC Configuration

Set Basic Parameters

In the HUB configuration portal, select Edges page, accessible from the Private Networks page

The Edges page, accessible from the Private Networks page, displays a comprehensive list of all edges associated with the account. The page highlights key details such as the edge vendor, the private network that it's connected to, its IP address, and the edge trunk status, which is the S6a connection between the edge and the Monogoto cloud.

To access a particular edge configuration, live status, and event information, simply click on the action icon.

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