Lock Thing to IMEI

This guide will show you how you can Enable and Disable Master IMEI settings for your SIM card, in order to limit the SIM card usage by device IMEI.
Configure a Thing to only work with a specific IMEI
This API call requires the "cas" value that confirms the Thing settings to be up to date. The "cas" value can be retrieved through Get Thing Information.

Example using cURL:

curl -X PUT \
--url "" \
-H "accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {TOKEN_HERE}" \
-d "{\"cas\": \"{CAS}\",\"ThingId\": \"/thing/ThingId_ICCID_{ICCID}\",\"LockMasterImei\": {MASTER_IMEI_STATE},\"MasterIMEI\": \"{DEVICE_IMEI}\"}"
Please note that the above shown command needs to be replaced with information:
  • {TOKEN_HERE} - replace with your token, see Authentication
  • {CAS} - replace with your Thing "cas" value, retrieved via Get Thing Information
  • {THING_ICCID} - replace with ThingId_ICCID_ABC, where ABC is your thing ICCID.
  • {MASTER_IMEI_STATE} - replace with true or false value, depending on what you want to do:
    • true - Enable Master IMEI limitation to allow only our entered device IMEI to get SIM card services
    • false - Disable Master IMEI limitation to allow all devices to work with this Thing
  • {DEVICE_IMEI} - replace with the device IMEI you want to work with this Thing. Note that you can send empty value in order to remove Master IMEI value
Request example:
curl -X PUT \
--url "" \
-H "accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer eyJhb6IkpXVCJ9.eyJSb2xlIjoiVXN4lclByb2ZpbGVJZF9kZGM2MThhNC0wNTI1LTQ2MmUtYWN3NzhhMGQxYmbSI6Im4zgFkbWluIiwiQ3VzdG9tsbCwiVXNlcklkIjoiVklkXzg5Yj5Y2OGEyUtNDQThhLTEzZjA0MzJhZDE3YyINTAzgZmUtZGI51My00ZjRiLTktN2U5Yjc0ZWU1ZThlIiwiaWNzM3MjI5L2MDY3NTE2Mjl9.99aSLzP7kTgK6TZGW-xalrMu0GkW6viunt3XxbNng" \
-d "{\"cas\": \"1236781245913489491\",\"ThingId\": \" ThingId_ICCID_8912372646888991\",\"LockMasterImei\": true,\"MasterIMEI\": \"86696204060123456\"}"
Expected response:
Thing undefined successfully saved.