Profile C coverage list

In this section you can find the supported coverage for Profile C SIM cards.

CountryOperatorMCC-MNCPLMN2G | 3G4GLTE-MNB-IoT


IL Orange



+ | +




A few notes:

  • Please note that even if network technology is marked as supported in the list, it does not mean that it will be supported in all locations of the country, so it is a good idea to have fallback network technology configured in your device. This is especially true for LTE-M network technology

  • If you can't find the country you need in our operator's list you can try contacting your Monogoto sales manager to discuss if it would be possible to get the destination open for you

  • For a full comfortable view of the coverage, we advise you to download the full coverage file at the top of the table, this table will include additional information.

Explanation of the information inside the full coverage file (excel file):

  • Country - showing the country of the supported operator

  • Operator - operator of the supported country

  • MCC - Mobile Country Code, in simple terms this is a country code of the country

  • MNC - Mobile Network Code, in simple terms this is an operator code

  • PLMN - Public Land Mobile Network, in simple terms this is a globally unique code, which is a five or six-digit number identifying a country and a mobile operator of that country

  • 2G/3G/4G/LTE-M - network technologies. Symbol + or date (example: 2025/12/31) marks that this network technology is supported

  • Sunset - means that the support for this network technology was already closed by the operator, so it is likely to no longer work

  • Date (example: 2025/12/31) - this is the date of the expected discontinuation (sunset) of the network technology

  • LTE Cat-M1 Bands - showing what bands are supported by the LTE-M network technology

  • PSM - Power Saving Mode support by the operator

  • eDRX - Extended Discontinuous Reception functionality support by the operator, in simple terms it is IoT device feature that allows the device to go into a sleep mode for a certain period and wake up after a fixed interval to receive transmission

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