Override Roaming Policy

A network operator defines a Roaming Policy for a customer based on Roaming Contracts. Customers can override the initial policy and change restrictions as needed (if there is more than one policy).

1. Click Things Groups from the sidebar menu.

2. Select a Things Group and click the Edit icon to display the Things Group settings.

3. Click Roaming on the Things Group.

4. Check the Override option to display the Roaming Policy settings.

5. Select a Roaming Policy from the list.

6. Enable or disable these options for each of the Roaming Partners in the list.

– Block Roaming

– Block SMS

– Data

– Data restriction

– Block Byterate Limit (optional).

7. Click Save & Back to update the override settings in the system database

In case of several SIM profiles in the account, please make sure that the roaming policy matches the SIMs profile.

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