Things Events by ICCID Range Alert

This Alert will be triggered when your SIM card from the entered ICCID range receives a Event in Monogoto portal.

1. Login to the Monogoto portal and go to Alerts.

2. Press on button Add New Alert.

3. Configure the Alert.

  • Enable Alert by pressing on button Active (green = enabled)

  • Enter a name for the Alert

  • Enter a description for the Alert

  • Choose Trigger Metric General Event

  • Choose Trigger Operation contains

  • Enter Trigger Value containing the first 15 numbers of the ICCID, for example 891234201726468

Lets say we have 4000 SIM range 89123420172646850991 - 89123420172646854991, then we would need to enter first 15 digits for example 891234201726468 into the Trigger field.

  • Select Actions. In this case we will use Alert Webbook, but you may use different Actions, based on your individual needs.

  • Select Severity

  • Select Thing Groups

  • Select Alert type Override or Multiple. We advise to use Override, because having Multiple notifications of the same Alert can get messy in the portal.

Kindly note that you may apply this Alert not necessary to Thing Groups, you can use Tags instead. So that this Alert will apply to Things that have selected Tag

Each Event will generate an Alert that will send a webhook, so in the console Events section, you should see an Alert for each SIM Event. Below you can find an example picture showing you how the Events and Alert for the Events will look like in the console.

Green/blue highlight and red numbers are only for the sake of example to show you the flow that you should expect to see, these marking will not be shown in your Events section.

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