Alert Metrics (types)

The Monogoto platform provides a variety of Alert types, that can be applied to monitor or limit the activity of your SIM cards. Below you can find the list of the Alerts and a short explanation of each Alert.
Alert‎‎‏‏‎ Type
Cellid Update
Alert triggers when SIM card connects to a different network transmission tower
Alert triggers when the set amount of data is used. It will keep on triggering with each new data session (PDP) every time set amount of data is used
General Event
Alert triggers when Event contains your entered message
IMEI change
Alert triggers when your SIM changes devices. Please note that for IMEI change to work a device must have access to data since, the IMEI gets transmitted when a data session starts (PDP opens)
Last Usage
Alert triggers when the data session (PDP) has not been opened for a set amount of time
Will trigger when set outbound SMS count has been reached
Will trigger when set inbound SMS count has been reached
Movement Violation
Will trigger when device location change during the last hour in kilometers is matching the set rule