How to Configure NAT Port Forwarding?

The following guide describes how to setup NAT port forwarding to a Monogoto SIM card.

1. Login to the Monogoto portal and go to Things.

2. Find a Thing (SIM card), that you want to use with NAT configuration and press on its name.

3. Scroll down to the IPs section of the Thing menu. There you should see your SIM card used IP address, near one of the APN networks. Please copy it, since it will be used in configuring NAT port forwarding.

Please note that if you do not see an IP address near any of the APN networks in your Thing menu, that might mean that your device is not using one of these APNs. In that case please double check if your end device is using one of these APNs in it's settings.

If we want to prevent Monogoto SIM card from changing private IP, we can lock it, by pressing on the lock near the IP to change the IP type from dynamic to static. Please do not forget to save this change by scrolling down to the end of the page and pressing on SAVE button.

4. Now that you know know your SIM card private IP we go to Network.

5. Select a network that you want to modify and click Edit. In this example we will be configuring NAT forwarding for a network “data.mono”.

6. Go to NAT and press on button Add new

7. Fill in the NAT configuration fields:

  • Source Address = Enter the source address IP. You can also enter word any so that this NAT configuration applies to any sources

  • Destination Address = Monogoto gateway address. It should be selected automatically.

  • Protocol = Select a protocol you want to use in NAT forwarding

  • Destination Port = Enter a port that you wish to be forwarded to Monogoto SIM card

  • Forward to Address = Enter your SIM card private IP and Port (SIM card that we have searched in the start of this guide)

  • Save and Close -> Apply Settings

That's all, the NAT port forwarding to your Monogoto SIM card has been configured.

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