How to Configure Static IP Address For a Thing

The following guide describes how to configure your SIM card to have a static Private IP address.

1. Login to the Monogoto portal.

2. Go to Global Pools.

3. In the Global Pools section you can see table with your account Private IP addresses pool. IP addresses are assigned from your Private IP pools to your Things automatically when a data session is opened by a Thing. However we can also take a non used IP from our IPs pool and assign it manually as a static IP address to your Things.

Please note that the global pool start and end IPs depend on the shown Pool size and Range. For example if the Pool size is 256 and the Range is shown with 0, at the end (example:, then it means that your first IP starts at and last IP ends at

Please note that you have to assign a Network to your Thing used Thing Group with an IP Pool, in order for your Things (SIM cards) to be able to receive the IP addresses and be able to use data.

4. Now that we know our IP pool range, please go to Things section in the portal and find a Thing (SIM card), that you want to have a static IP configured and press on its name.

5. Scroll down to the IPs section of the Thing menu. Please enter a free IP address from your IP pool (step #4) into the field.

6. Press on a lock near the IP address to change the IP type from dynamic to static. This will prevent our assigned IP from changing.

7. Save changed, by scrolling down to the end of the page and pressing on SAVE button.

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