DG10 CBRS USB Dongle

Easy to install CBRS device
The Horizon DG10 is an LTE device that provides access to (private) LTE networks. It allows users to access the shared-spectrum of the CBRS using LTE technology.
The DG10 supports LTE band 41 and band 48 (CBRS) using LTE Category 6 with up to 220Mbps downlink and 30Mbps uplink.


  • Monogoto SIM
  • DG10 CBRS USB Dongle
  • Access to a private LTE network

Connect the DG10

Start by inserting the Monogoto SIM to the DG10.
Connect the USB dongle to your PC using the USB port.
Open up a browser and visit the url:
Enter the user name and password and click Login. The default credentials are: Username: admin / superadmin Password: admin
Make sure to change the password after your first login.

APN Configuration

Open up the page Network > APN Management.
Configure the APN to: data.mono

Review the connection status

Visit the Overview page to validate the connection with Monogoto's private network. If the connection was successfully established, the LTE Status reports: Connected. The Operator shows: IoT(315010)