Airspan AirVelocity 1500

The AirVelocity 1500 is an LTE small cell designed for building indoor LTE networks, especially for realizing private LTE networks using CBRS.

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  • AirVelocity 1500

  • Mikrotik RB4011 router

  • Configuration data to connect the eNodeB to Monogoto cloud Reach out to if you haven't received the config data yet

Getting Started

The AirVelocity does NOT support Local Break Out (LBO), thus all data is going to Monogoto’s cloud before being forwarded to the customer's endpoint.

  • Connect an ethernet cable from port 1 of the Mikrotik RB4011 router to an ethernet port and connect the power cable.

  • Connect an ethernet cable from the AirVelocity to the Mikrotik RB4011 router and connect it to power.

  • The OK LED will light up white, then starts blinking green and eventually turns blue.

Airspan manuals For detailed instructions about the AirVelocity, as well as the configuration GUI called Netspan, review the below manuals:

Connecting the AirVelocity to the Netspan Server

Configure the AirVelocity

Connect to the AirVelocity, open a browser instance and go to Base Station (BS) Configuration.

Enter the following details:

  • Fill out the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway

  • Management VLAN: Tagged

  • Snmp version: SNMPV2

  • Read Only Community: public

  • Read Write Community: private

  • BS Mgmt SNMP Port: 161

AirVelocity Configuration using Airspan NMS

Download the latest version of Netspan from Airshare and install the software.

Open a browser and enter the Netspan server IP address (likely starting with172.3X.XXX.XXX).

Log in using username and password received from the manufacturer.

To update your password, you can do so via Server Admin > NMS Users > select admin.

Discover the AirVelocity in Netspan

On the main Netspan menu choose Server > Discovery Tasks. Create a new task by clicking the button Add at the bottom-left corner. Fill in the details as shown in the below image.

After filling out the details, click in the button Test in the Discovery Test section. This will show whether the node has been discovered by Netspan.

Click Save

To activate the discovery task you just created, click on the task in the list and click Enable. The checkbox in the Enabled column will now be ticked for your nominated task and an information message will be displayed at the bottom of the Netspan screen, stating that your discovery task is now enabled.

Configure the AirVelocity Node

Click Configuration Management > Node > Node. This will open the Node List screen containing the nodes currently visible on your network.

Double click on the node to open the Node Management screen.

Click the Edit button and scroll down to eNodeB Cell Properties. fill out the details as shown in the below image.

eNodeB Cell Properties

  • Physical Layer Cell Group: 100

  • Physical Cell ID: 300

  • PRACH Root Sequences Index: 320

  • Tracking Area Code: 512

eNodeB Interfaces

  • Add 2 eNodeB interfaces with the addresses received from Monogoto.

eNodeB Routing Properties

  • Destination IP: Subnet Mask: Gateway:

  • Destination IP: Subnet Mask: Gateway:

Click Save

Activate or Deactivate the radio

To activate or deactivate the radio, visit: Node Management > State And Control

Under Service State, you can deactivate the radio by clicking: Out of Service. To activate the radio click: In Service

Synchronize the clock

Visit Node Management > Status Select under Status Type: Location and Synchronization Status.

The clock of the AirVelocity can be synchronized using different sources. Below the example showing the clock being synchronized using GPS. To validate an accurate synchronization, look at the GPS table, Comms should report Active.

Validate the Connection

To validate if the connection is active, go to: Node Management > Status Select under Status Type: Network Element Status

Look at the row EPC in the column Status, which should report Active.

Did Network Element Status state Active? Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up the eNodeB 🎉

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