Ubiik FreeRAN

The Ubiik's FreeRAN integrates a full software 3GPP Release 15 Radio Access Network (RAN) optimized for standalone 4G LTE-M in 3MHz bandwidth in the U.S. unlicensed 902-928 MHz frequencies

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  • FreeRAN Ubiik small cell

  • Monogoto SIM(s)

  • Configuration data to connect the eNodeB to Monogoto cloud. Reach out to support@monogoto.io if you haven't received the config data yet

Getting Started

The Ubiik FreeRAN kit is pre-provisioned to be used with Monogoto’s Evolved Packet Core (EPC). A secure VPN connection is used to route both the control data and application data to and from Monogoto.

Get started by connecting the FreeRAN to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

Visit the FreeRAN configuration webpage using the link: freeran.ubiik.com. Log in using the credentials received from Ubiik.

Type in the serial number of your FreeRAN kit and click Get to retrieve the current configurations.

Ubiik FreeRAN configuration

Once logged into the Ubiik configuration webpage, start configuring the eNodeB.

Basic RF parameters

  • Type - Define your preferred technology (LTE or LTE-M)

  • Band - 8

  • TAC - 512

  • UE Max. power - 23 23 dBm is the default value - you can change the dBm if preferred. Note that in some country it is not allowed to exceed 23 dBm.

  • Mode - FDD or TDD

  • Bandwidth - 1.4 MHz, 3 MHz

  • Coverage Level - 1 or 2

Configure the FreeRAN to Monogoto's EPC

  • External EPC - Yes

  • MME IP Address - type in the address received from Monogoto

  • eNodeB GTP IP - type in the address received from Monogoto

  • PLMN Number: 315010

Applying the new configurations can be done by entering one or multiple Serial Numbers separated by spaces. Click apply to save the new configurations.

If the FreeRAN is powered on and connected to the Internet, it will automatically download and apply the latest configurations.

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