DG505G CBRS 5G USB Dongle

Easy to install Horizon device

The Horizon DG505G is a multimode LTE & 5G device that provides access to private networks

The DG505G supports 5G & LTE Cat-20 DL and Cat-18 UL connectivity.


  • Monogoto SIM

  • DG505G USB Dongle

  • Access to a private network

Connect the DG505G

Start by inserting the Monogoto SIM into the DG505G.

Connect the USB dongle to your PC using the USB port.

Open up a browser and visit the URL:

click Enter to Login.

APN Configuration

Open up the page Settings > Profile Management.

Configure the APN to: data.mono

Review the connection status

Visit the Status page to validate the connection with Monogoto's private network. If the connection was successfully established, the connection Status reports: Connected. The Operator shows: 315010

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