Mosolabs SCE5164

The Mosolabs SCE5164 is part of the indoor/outdoor series of Mosolabs. The gNodeB comes in different versions, supporting different 5G bands.

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  • Mosolabs SCE5164

  • Monogoto Edge

  • Configuration data to connect the gNodeB to Monogoto Edge Reach out to if you haven't received the config data yet

Getting Started

The Mosolabs SCE5164 can be integrated with Monogoto Edge support Local Break Out (LBO)

Connect the Monogoto Edge to your internet router using an ethernet cable connected to Port 1.

Connect an ethernet cable from the Monogoto Edge Port 2 to the ETH2 port of the SCE5164.

Connect the power cable of the Monogoto Edge.

Connect your computer to the ETH1 port of the SCE5164 to configure the gNodeB.

Connect the power cable to the SCE5164.

The POWER LED will turn green.

Connect your computing to the Mosolabs SCE5164

  • Open the web browser and enter the IP address of the gNodeB, which is most likely:

  • Login using the username and password: admin / scHt3ppp

Make sure to update your password after the first login.

Mosolabs SCE5164 Configuration Guide For detailed documentation about the SCE5164, review the Mosolabs Configuration Guide

Mosolabs SCE5164 Configuration

NR Cell Configuration

In the SCE5164 configuration portal, select Setting-> NR Cell Configuration in the navigation bar.

  • Bandwidth Frequency: Specify the Frequency you would like to use

  • nrFreqBand: Use the band you would like to use

Select Save to save the configuration settings

5GC Configuration

In the SCE5164 configuration portal, select Setting-> 5GC in the navigation bar.

  • PLMN: set it to: 315010

  • Set nrTAC according to the details received by Monogoto.

  • AMF Address: Use the address received from Monogoto

Select Save to save the configuration settings

Validate the connection

Select Status.

To validate the successful connection, review the Progress State

Do you see a successful connection? Congratulations! Your gNodeB is successfully set up 🎉

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