Incoming (MT) Voice Webhook

In this guide you will learn how to configure a webhook to be sent when your Thing receives an incoming (MT) voice call.

Before configuring this webhook, please make sure that your SIM card profiles and your Monogoto account supports incoming (MT) voice call functionality

1. Login to the Monogoto portal and go to Things Groups.

2. Press on Edit button in the Thing Group you wish to have Webhook configurations.

3. In Edit Thing group window, please enter a webhook address in the field Webhook for MT VOICE.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press button SAVE & CLOSE.

Done. Now when one of your things in this group receives incoming (MT) Voice call, a webhook will we sent to your entered address.

Please note that you may use Test button near your entered webhook address to check if your entered address is able to receive webhook from Monogoto portal.

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