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Introduction to the Advanced Console
The Advanced Console provides fine-grained access control of Things, Things Groups, Network settings, Security settings and Roaming. In addition, the console provides detailed insights in each connection through event logs.

Access the Advanced Console

Visit the Monogoto Hub and click the button "Advanced Console" in the top-right corner to access the console:
. Alternatively, you can visit the console using the link:
After logging in, you enter the Monogoto dashboard in which you find information about your Things (meaning your SIM cards), alerts, API calls etc.
Advanced Console Dashboard

Network Management

A Network is a set of IP and mobile network related policies. The Monogoto system creates a virtual independent network which enables customers to define various rules and policies. A Network can be associated to one or more Things Groups.
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Things Management

Detailed information about your SIMs can be found under the Things page. When selecting one of your Things you will find more detailed information such as the IMEI, ICCID, active mobile network operator, IP address, event logs and more.
Things overview page
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Security Management

The Monogoto customer security profile enables customer to define rules that allow or block various actions for connected Things or Things Groups.
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User Management

The Monogoto system enables system administrators to add, edit and delete users from the system.
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Alert Management

The Monogoto portal includes a comprehensive Alerts Engine with a complete set of trigger conditions and alert actions. Triggers can be applied to one or more Things Groups. An alert defines a metric to be watched (e.g. Data consumption, SMS usage, network availability etc.). When a Thing matches the defined alert, a set of automatic actions are invoked.
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Billing & Price Plans

The Monogoto billing and rating mechanism tracks customer and device data based on defined pricing entities. The billing application displays the customer and device billing status in online reports or via APIs. The billing reports dashboard contains a summary of customer invoice details and current billing cycle details.
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