How to get response about SIM information via Webhook?

In this guide you will learn how you can get a response from your SIM card about its status or other information with the Webhook solution.

1. Login to the Monogoto portal.

2. Go to Things group. Create a test group and move some of your SIMs to the new group.

You can watch our YouTube guide on how to move Things between Thing groups.

3. Generate a webhook address from the following website

This is a webhook address only for testing, for production use in order to have security, please change it to a secure webhook address.

3. Go to your Thing Group. Enter webhook address from the previous step into field Webhook for MO SMS and mark terminate MO SMS messages in the webhook. Save these Thing Group settings.

Please note that these changes take effect after ~5 minutes, so before testing MO SMS webhook, please wait ~5 minutes.

4. Configure inside your end device to send MO SMS response with the status info to any number, when receiving a certain command to your device.

Number that you will configure for MO SMS does not matter, since the MO SMS will be terminated inside webhook address (so you can use random number like "00123456").

5. Send SMS from portal to your Monogoto SIM card with the command that should make your device to provide a response via MO SMS.

You can check out this guide on how to send SMS from portal to your SIM card.

6. Check your webhook address, if you have received the desired response from your device. Below you can see example showing webhook response.

7. That's it you have successfully configured the webhook response.

Feel free to check out our other guides bellow for additional information on how to use the webhook.

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