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Alert Management

The Monogoto platform provides an alerts engine with a set of trigger conditions and actions that can be applied to one or more Things Groups.
An alert defines a specific metric that is monitored continuously by the system (e.g. data consumption, SMS usage, network availability etc.). When a Thing matches the defined alert, this triggers a set of predefined automatic actions.
Alert Property
Set the active or inactive status
Alert Name
Specify the name of the alert
Provide a short description for the alert
Specify an alert metric such as CellID Update; Data; IMEI Change; Last Usage; MO SMS, and MT SMS
Trigger if
Specify the value to trigger the alert
Assign the alert to specific tags
Specify the level of severity: Info; Warning; Error; Critical
Things group
Assign the alert to a Things Group
Multiple- the alert event is being added to the fired alerts Override- old alerts are deleted when a new alerts pop (for the same sim and alert)
Introduction to Alerts