Baicells Nova 227

Get started with the Baicells Nova227

The Nova227 is an outdoor microcell eNodeB with 2 times 250mW output power. It supports the LTE Bands: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 48 and comes with an RJ-45 ethernet backhaul.

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  • Baicells Nova227

  • Mikrotik RB4011 router

  • Configuration data to connect the eNodeB to Monogoto cloud Reach out to if you haven't received the config data yet

Getting Started

The Baicells eNodeB can work in two ways:

  1. Regular configuration - Network Control and Data is going to Monogoto’s cloud

  2. Local Break Out configuration (called LGW in Baicells terminology) - Network Control and Data are separated. The Control messages are going to Monogoto’s cloud, the user data is going straight to the (local) Internet via the router that is connected to the eNodeB.

In this manual, we are using the local break out configuration using bridge mode.

Connect the ethernet cable to the Mikrotik RB4011 router and connect the power cable.

Open the cover on the side of the Nova227 and connect an ethernet cable to the Mikrotik RB4011 router.

Connect the power cable to the Nova227.

The ACT LED and PWR LED will turn green. The RUN LED will start rapidly flashing green, once an an Internet connection has been established it will start flashing slowly.

Local Break Out Configuration of the Nova227

Connect your computing to the eNodeB

  • Connect the Nova227 to your computing using an Ethernet cable.

  • Wait for the Nova227 to start up

  • Open the web browser (Firefox is preferred) and enter

Make sure to update the password after your first login. You can do so via SystemPassword

Disable IPsec

To connect the eNodeB to Monogoto cloud, IPsec needs to be disabled.

  • Go to NetworkMME&IPsec Binding

  • Delete MME binding

  • Set IPSec Status to Disable

  • Click Save

Network Setup

  • Go to NetworkWAN/LAN/VLAN

  • Look at the section Default Route/DNS

    • Set the Interface name to VLAN_data

    • Enter in DNS Servers: Ips

  • Scroll down to the section Internet / WAN

    • Set IPv4 Static IP, Subnet Mask and Gateway according to the configuration you received from Monogoto.

  • Press Save

In case you did not receive the Internet / WAN configuration data, reach out to

  • Scroll down to the VLAN Table and press the +

    A window with VLAN Setting opens up

    • Set VLAN Name to S1_Vlan

    • Set VLAN ID, IPv4 Static IP, Netmask and Gateway according to the configuration you received from Monogoto

    • Press Save

  • Go back to the VLAN Table and press the + again

    • Set VLAN Name to Customer_Data_Vlan_200

    • Set VLAN ID, IPv4 Static IP, Netmask and Gateway according to the configuration you received from Monogoto

    • Press Save

eNodeB configuration

  • Go to BTS InfoQuick Settings

  • Configure the settings to your liking: Country, Band, Bandwidth, Frequency, SubFrame, Special SubFrame and PCI

  • Set Cloud EPC to Disable

  • Set MME Interface to S1_Vlan

  • Set S1 Connection Mode to: One

  • Set ECI and TAC according to the configuration that was sent to you by Monogoto

  • Delete existing MMEIP and PLMN

  • Set PLMN to 315010, Primary to YES, Reserved to Not Reserved and click +

  • Set MME IP to and click +

  • Click Save

LGW Mode Settings

  • Go to NetworkLGW

  • Set LGW to Enable

  • Set LGW Mode to Bridge

  • Set LGW Interface Binding to VLAN data_vlan_200

  • Click Save

Setting Static Routing mode

  • Go to NetworkStatic Routing

  • Press the + at the Added Route List

  • Set configuration as follows:

    Destination NetworkNetmaskGateway

    Use address received from Monogoto

    Use address received from Monogoto

    Use address received from Monogoto

  • Click Save

Set eNodeB Name

  • Go to LTEAdvanced

  • Expand the eNodeB Settings

  • Set eNodeB name to: Monogoto

Are you based in the US? Make sure to register your eNodeB at a SAS. You can define the SAS settings in the Nova227 via LTESAS Settings.

Reboot the eNodeB

  • Go to Reboot

  • Press Warm Reset

Check the Connection Status

  • Go to BTS InfoBasic Info

  • Review the status of the eNodeB:

    • Sync Status should be Synchronized

    • MME Status should be Connected

    • Cell Status should be Active

    • RF Status should be Enable

Does the status of all 4 variables show the right state? Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up the eNodeB 🎉

Find information about the status of the Nova227

Find further information such as the IMSI, IP address and throughput under UE Status. Note that this information is only available after establishing a connection with the Monogoto Cloud.

  • Go to BTS Basic Info

  • Scroll down to UE Status

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