How to View Thing Group List?

This guide will show you how you can receive a list of your Thing Groups via an API command.

To view all of your Thing Groups list, please use the following request:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <<<_TOKEN_HERE_>>>" -H "apikey: <<<_CUSTOMER_ID_>>>"

Please note that the above shown command needs to be replaced with information: <<<_TOKEN_HERE_>>> - replace with your token. You may obtain Token, by running Login Token API command. <<<_CUSTOMER_ID_>>> - replace with your customer ID. You may obtain Customer ID when running Login Token API command If needed this API can be tested and used in the Monogoto portal following this path: Things Group GET /thingsgroup/listWithMeasures

Example of request:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJhb6IkpXVCJ9.eyJSb2xlIjoiVXN4lclByb2ZpbGVJZF9kZGM2MThhNC0wNTI1LTQ2MmUtYWN3NzhhMGQxYmbSI6Im4zgFkbWluIiwiQ3VzdG9tsbCwiVXNlcklkIjoiVklkXzg5Yj5Y2OGEyUtNDQThhLTEzZjA0MzJhZDE3YyINTAzgZmUtZGI51My00ZjRiLTktN2U5Yjc0ZWU1ZThlIiwiaWNzM3MjI5L2MDY3NTE2Mjl9.99aSLzP7kTgK6TZGW-xalrMu0GkW6viunt3XxbNng" -H "apikey: cid_ecs1d3a5-f5e62a1-fe8af468wf"

Expected result:

"Active": 10,
"Alarm": 9,
"CustomerId": "cid_ecs1d3a5-f5e62a1-fe8af468wf",
"Data": 97803309,
"DateModified": 1612791354953,
"Networks": [
"NetworkId": "NetworkId_734666bd-9779-4995-9aa4-c7efd5081689",
"NetworkName": "default network for APN: data.mono"
"NetworkId": "NetworkId_b0cc888b-8350-4e58-b450-aa16d71a943e",
"NetworkName": "default network for APN: uinternet"
"RoamingPolicies": [],
"SMS": 4,
"TelephonyProfileId": "TelephonyProfile_ad766b40-9577-4d91-4679-01664c6834d9",
"TelephonyProfileName": "Default telephony profile",
"ThingsGroupDescription": "This Group has Project A SIM cards",
"ThingsGroupId": "ThingsGroupId_eej3421b0-bee1-4997-93aa-ce443ca43h347a",
"ThingsGroupName": "Project A phones",
"Voice": 0,
"total": 1