InHand 5G ODU2000

The InHand 5G Outdoor CPE is an LTE device that provides access to (private) LTE networks. It allows users to access the shared spectrum of the CBRS using LTE technology.

The InHand 5G ODU supports high performance on 5G/4G bands.


  • Monogoto SIM

  • InHand 5G ODU2000

  • Access to a private LTE network

Connect the InHand 5G ODU2000

Start by inserting the Monogoto SIM into the InHand 5G ODU2000.

Connect the InHand 5G ODU2000 to your PC using the LAN1 Eth port.

Open up a browser and visit the URL:

Enter the user name and password and click Login. The default credentials are: Username: adm Password: 123456

Make sure to change the password after your first login.

APN Configuration

Open up the Internet page -> Edit Cellular.

Configure the APN to: data.mono

Review the connection status

Open up the Dashboard page -> Interface Status -> Cellular validate the connection with Monogoto's private network. If the connection was successfully established, the Network Status reports: Connected

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